Friday 22 February 2019

Is Assad determined the 6 million Syrian refugees won't return?

The refugees from Syria serve Iran's and Mr Assad's interests, according to David Gardener in The Financial Times

About 6m Syrians, overwhelmingly Sunni, are in exile and the Assads look determined to prevent any return to the prewar population balance that nearly toppled their minority regime.
I wonder if this is true. It's an interesting idea, though the Syrian civil war should not be seen as a Shia-Sunni conflict. Most officers in the Syrian army are Sunni. 

The West's priority should be making sure all the refugees are sent back to Syria. There is no humanitarian reason why they should not be sent back, as the war is over, and they are not particularly opposed to the regime or they would gave fought against it.

Is this why the flood of refugees suddenly happened - something which has never been explained and which was not connected to any worsening of the situation for civilians in Syria?


  1. The West's priority should be making sure all the refugees are sent back to Syria.

    They should be sent to the countries responsible for creating the mess in the first place. They should be distributed among all the countries that supported U.S. policy in Syria.

    You make the mess, you clean it up.

    The West has to learn that wars have consequences. If Britain has to take a million or so Syrian refugees the British people might be less enthusiastic about supporting insane Middle East policies. It would be what liberals like to call a Teachable Moment.

    1. This is very mistaken. First the West did not cause the Syrian war which was part of the Arab Spring. President Obama said that Assad must go but did not instigate a revolt against him. Secondly the refugees are not fleeing well grounded fear of persecution but a war - and I do not see how they are legitimate refugees. But the larger picture is the press of people in the Third World to get into the much richer Europe.