Wednesday 20 February 2019

TIG of the Dumped, Big Beans and buggery

Been mulling over what we should call the breakaway group of disaffected MPs since The Independent Group sounds so blandly corporate. How about TIG of the Dumped?

Q. "Wouldn't the honourable thing be now though to resign and fight by-elections?" *Soubry scoffs, shakes her head* Allen: "The last thing this country needs right now is a by-election". Yet you want another referendum? The hypocrisy of these anti-democrats is astonishing!

Oh well, it had to happen post-Brexit and I’m all for people following their heart. I just know we’re going to end up 16 parties and I won’t be able to vote for any of them.

First time I’ve heard of an MP defecting from a party for enacting what was in its manifesto

Unpopular opinion For the abuse crisis in the Church have apologized the pope, the bishops, and now the religious orders. An apology of the Catholic laity would be in order. The abuse crisis was caused by clericalism, but also by the vast gray area between victims and abusers.

Professor Massimo Faggioli (Big Beans in Italian) is a liberal Catholic theologian who makes me angry. I read him avidly because I enjoy feeling angry. However, by any standards of human decency this tweet is repellent (but very revealing).

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