Sunday 10 February 2019

Ben Lowry: Theresa May is still reluctant to challenge Irish nationalist narrative on Brexit

The best Brexit that could happen would be leaving with no deal, the hardest Brexit possible. The Norway option is probably the hardest Brexit that could happen given that Theresa May, who is not very clever, has been persuaded by Irish nationalists that a hard border would bring back the Troubles. She has been sold a pup by the Nationalists and another by the EU. 

This article in the Ulster paper the Newsletter says the same and explains why, but contains an error.
The longer I have reported on all the possible forms of Brexit, the more I have thought that the hardest Brexit that is likely to succeed here is Norway, in which the UK (including NI) would leave single market and customs union.

The writer clearly meant to say:

in which the UK (including NI) WOULD STAY IN the single market BUT LEAVE customs union.
This is the difference between Norway option and the horrible Norway Plus that David Cameron and Jeremy Corbyn want, the worst option possible, a pointless BRINO, Brexit in Name Only. This is the outcome that looks most likely.

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