Sunday 24 March 2019

Cambridge traditions

According to a story in the FT, Huawei is very pleased with and proud of its partnership researchers at Cambridge university, describing it as “a very good model” for academic partnerships. Cambridge announced the £25m partnership in 2017, saying researchers were

“expected to focus on projects relating to photonics, digital and access network infrastructure and media technologies”.
Why do the names Burgess, Maclean and Philby come unbidden to my mind?

Cambridge, my alma mater, is like Oxford a nest of Remainers. An undergraduate reading
economics whom I met in 2016 estimated that only 15% of undergraduates had voted Leave and they kept this secret. Why a secret? Presumably because open discussion is not Cambridge's thing. I suspect Cambridge is a place where all the fly-blown phylacteries, to steal Lord Rosebery's phrase, of political correctness are taught and eagerly learnt by a generation that will rule my country. 

It is the saddest thing and augurs a terrible future of decline and deracination. Oxford is probably as bad or worse, I presume.


  1. "Why do the names Burgess, Maclean and Philby come unbidden to my mind?" Was it not attributed to those worthies that their betrayal was by and large ideological?

    This is above the boards monetary influence? The almighty buck/shilling? Endowments?

    Can't afford to alienate the Chinese. Just as Hollywood, Google and Facebook...

    1. Can't afford to alienate the Chinese.

      Why would anyone want to alienate the Chinese? They're not the enemy.

      As usual right-wingers attack the wrong enemy.

    2. China is an economic threat to the USA and Europe, a dangerous competitor that plays dirty, uses industrial espionage to copy intellectual property though not an enemy exactly. What is the right 'enemy'? I can think of some.

    3. David Goldman is one of the very cleverest of my Facebook friends and has warned for years about China. He likes Steve Bannon for seeing the same danger posed by China.

    4. I wish I had been in Peking before Communism or even before Deng, but what an achievement modern China is, perhaps the greatest in the history of the world.