Saturday 23 March 2019

What the papers say

The British people are streets ahead of us. They voted to leave, accepted that we’re leaving on March 29 with or without a deal and want us to respond to these tough decisions rather than constantly working to undermine and frustrate them.

Ben Bradley MP today.

Instead of loudly denouncing the backstop and begging the EU for a trade deal to replace it, we should be running headlong towards it. ...The practical reason is that the backstop delivers a huge swathe of Britain’s Brexit demands. It ends free movement, fully removes fish, farming and services industries (the last being 80 per cent of GDP) from the EU, ends all EU budget payments and massively reduces the jurisdiction of the EU courts over this country.

Juliet Samuel

The fact is that the backstop, intended to prevent a border across the island of Ireland, cannot be accepted. The concern of many Britons is understandable that, under the current agreement, Britain might be forced to remain in a customs union with the EU for a very long time against her will. No sovereign nation would easily agree to such a condition. Even the Bundestag would hardly have voted otherwise in a similar situation.

Marcel Fratzscher, head of the German Institute for Economic Research (DIW) in Der Spiegel the German weekly

Brexit uncertainty may be the immediate cause of the hiatus, but it is also part of a more generalised European malaise which is seeing the Continent fall seriously behind the US and China....It scarcely needs restating that Europe is in a terrible mess; Italy is again a political and economic basket case, France isn’t much better, and the Spanish party political system is likely to be further split asunder in forthcoming elections by the arrival of the latest incarnation of looney tunes populism, Vox, or Voice.

Jeremy Warner

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