Monday 11 March 2019

Leavers are going to be very angry with the Tories

Indeed, one thing that Britain’s mainstream media have routinely glossed over are the considerable levels of support for a no-deal Brexit among the voters who will be central to determining the future fortunes of the Conservative Party. As my colleague Sir John Curtice has pointed out, for some time now, large numbers of Leavers, when presented with what they would like to happen next, favour a no-deal. In fact this is usually their preferred option. Most Leavers and Conservatives have always wanted a harder Brexit than that which is being pursued by most Tory MPs.
From an excellent article by Matthew Goodwin in Unherd. He foresees the Tories losing a lot of Leave voters and not making up the deficit by appealing to Remain voters who did not vote Conservative last time.

In fact, according to a poll yesterday, 44% of British voters favour leaving without a deal, as opposed to 30% who favour Mrs. May's plan.  Important to remember when their wishes are ignored and they are betrayed.

For the time being, who wins the next election or who takes over from Mrs May before the next election are matters of indifference to me. All that matters at the moment is what Brexit we shall have. It will almost certainly be a very bad one, if we have one at all.

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