Monday 18 March 2019

Rod Liddle: Brexit, BBC bias and the liberal elite

"What you've actually got is virtually Dubai, where there's an affluent white elite preying on the appalling wages of incoming service people from abroad. I think it's a disgusting way to live."
Rod Liddle in this interview talks about how London has changed in his lifetime.

I was interested to find that the figures we were first told were wrong and that in fact over 40% of voters in London voted to leave the EU. But in the centre of London in good jobs there are a lot of graduates who voted Remain and hate Brexit.

He does not think the will of the voters to leave will be respected in the way those voters imagined. That is not a risky prediction, unfortunately. 

He points out that the Leave vote is widely dispersed but the Remain votes tended to be cast in 'bubbles' of like-minded people like London, Cambridge and Oxford. 

He also says that he hesitated before deciding to vote Leave. So did many people who voted Leave or Remain. In my experience most of them have stuck firmly to their choice of Leave of Remain, even though most Remainers accept the result. At least so I hope.

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