Sunday 10 March 2019

Cry, the Beloved Country

Imagine there's no countries. 

Brexit is part of the fight against Lennonism, which is even worse than Leninism, but the fight is going badly. 

I am so proud of my country when I read that a poll showed that 44% now want to leave the EU without a deal. Only 30% oppose leaving with no deal. The rest don't know or didn't answer.

The most remarkable thing is that the people have not got cold feet about leaving. I assumed they would but underestimated my country. Lions led by donkeys.

The 44% are quite right - the agreement on offer is worse than staying in - but Parliament won't permit it. Remain has effectively won.

No deal is better than Mrs May's appalling proposal. Leaving with no deal would mean negotiations continuing but our keeping the bargaining card of our £39 billion. I think we probably need regulatory alignment in most things and could have free trade with the world, which would reduce prices to. Make up for EU tariffs and reduce imports from the European Union  

Better than no deal is a deal like Norway's - and a different customs regime from Southern Ireland's - but not Norway Plus which is what David Cameron wants and Jeremy Corbyn says he wants. That means staying in the customs union forever. Norway and Switzerland are not in the customs union for good reasons. 

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