Thursday 21 March 2019

Will Mrs May withdraw Article 50 rather than allow a hard Brexit?

Allister Heath in the Daily Telegraph today.
"Mrs May is now the Remainers’ greatest asset: she has gone along with all of their destructive plans, at least since losing her majority in the 2017 election. She has refused to sell Brexit to the people, presenting it entirely as a problem to be solved, poisoning the public debate and preventing us from uniting behind a positive vision.

"She has worked for the civil service establishment, rather than the other way around. She signed up to the warped trap that is the backstop, setting in motion a course of events which now looks like delivering a choice between her awful deal and an even softer non-Brexit. She has no authority and has allowed Philip Hammond, her Chancellor, and his allies to seize control."
Allister Heath fears she may cling on and even at the last moment withdraw Article 50. This is very possible. I hope she is too committed to delivering some sort of Brexit.  

What she should do is prorogue Parliament for a week. Then we would have what the people voted for.

He is right to say that what the Tories need is a new  and Brexiteer leader who can win public support and the next election, which might soon be necessary. In any case her cabinet should force her to resign now and use, if the EU allows us one, a short delay of Brexit to hold a leadership election. It is a bad thing in many ways that party members make the ultimate decision about who is leader, but in this case it means it is out of Remain MPs' hands.

But the worrying thing is that the authority of the referendum result is reduced as each day passes. 

Perhaps the backstop is not a hill worth dying on. I begin to wonder.

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