Sunday 10 March 2019

The left-wing social revolution through which we are living

We are living through a left wing revolution often implemented by supposedly conservative people. Tory men and much worse than Whig measures. Remember David Cameron said his hero is Garibaldi. Scottish Conservative Party leader Ruth Davidson said her commitment to equality came before party loyalty.

Miss Davison had in mind single sex marriage and abortion when she said that, neither things that seem conservative to me.

Conservatives were meant to dislike equality and love liberty, its antithesis. Mrs Thatcher said she disapproved of equality except equality before the law, but she accepted racial and sexual equality laws too, though she said feminism was poison. Now equality laws flourish like a garden run riot.

Schoolchildren from what used to be called good families and are now called white middle-class backgrounds are seeking reasons for their failure to win paces at Oxford and suspect that they are victims of racial discrimination, according to a story in today's Daily Telegraph.

This allegation, if true, would be of enormous importance because we are talking about the elite that will run and will determine the culture of Great Britain in twenty to forty years' time.

Only the cleverest applicants should win places and preferably ones who have read widely, rather than just have a narrow grasp of a few subjects, though this would exclude most science side applicants. 

All pupils who sit A Levels should be required to pass a test in knowledge of the English poets from Chaucer to the present day.

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