Thursday 21 March 2019

Brexit endgame

The three choices open to the UK at this stage are: Parliament accepting Mrs. May's plan, followed after a short delay by Brexit; withdrawing Article 50, followed by another referendum; or leaving the EU with no deal, which would be followed by a lot of negotiations. 

The House of Commons has voted against leaving with no deal and the EU leaders certainly do not want it. It might still happen. Nobody wanted the First World War to break out but it did. 

Still, I would be very surprised indeed if we leave with no deal (which is the best option now). Angela Merkel is trying hard to prevent it.

In which case I suppose Mrs. May's wretched plan is better than no Brexit. 

The joker in the pack, of course, is the Speaker, a short man who sees himself bestriding the British political world like a colossus. 

He could hand control of the House of Commons order paper to backbenchers, but then what?  They still have - as far as I can see - three choices.

From Theresa May's point of view what matters most is that her plan will save her party. No Brexit will do it immeasurable unimaginable damage.

She thinks leaving with no deal would too. I do not.

Her immediate resignation would be welcomed by all Conservative MPs, one said anonymously today but I doubt this, simply because many former Remainers fear the next leader being a Brexiteer. Michael Gove perhaps. 

How much trouble he'd have saved us had he stood last time from the beginning instead of backing Boris Johnson and then changing his mind.

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