Sunday 17 March 2019

“She is mean. She is rude. She is cruel. She is stupid. I have heard that from almost everyone who has dealt with her”

A very interesting and enjoyable article in the German press about how absolute awful Theresa May is.

It quotes Matthew Parris, whose views on Brexit and the UKIP electorate I disagree with but whom in general I greatly respect.

"She is mean. She is rude. She is cruel. She is stupid. I have heard that from almost everyone who has dealt with her," Parris says. He said he had never expected this much hatred, "and that is not a word I use lightly."

The worst thing, though, he says, is May's inability to win over others to her position, to compromise and to lead. "It's crazy," says Parris. "That someone like her would end up in a job where the most important thing is to communicate, answer questions, make decisions. That is, I believe, more of a psychological than a political problem."

I concur. All those things are obvious from far off except the rudeness. 

The stupidity is most obvious. She was made Home Secretary only because the clever, progressive George Osborne told David Cameron that they needed a woman as one of the three great offices of state. He and Cameron found her hopelessly stupid in cabinet and they are men who do not suffer stupidity gladly.

She is another example of someone over-promoted for affirmative action reasons. There are quite a few of them in her cabinet.

She told the press that cabinet ministers who resigned at her Brexit meeting at Chequers would have a long walk down the drive and be unlikely to find a cab. 

She told George Osborne when she didn't let him stay on in the cabinet to get to know the party. 

She is vulgar as well as vindictive and stupid.

She lies all the time.

I quite liked David Cameron, even though he always seemed unknowable, and though I certainly did not like his progressive ideas. I cannot forgive him changing the rules of succession to the throne or enacting same sex marriage, though the latter was Theresa May’s idea. She persuaded him. Both wanted more women to sit on boards of directors, as if it were any business of politicians.

Still, he is intelligent and a gentleman. One can even imagine him reading books and being amusing at dinner parties. How very happy the Queen looked when he kissed hands.

She will be ecstatic when her next Prime Minister does. Unless it is Amber Rudd or Jeremy Corbyn. 

Please, oh Lord, do not let it be Miss Rudd.

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