Wednesday 13 March 2019

What no deal would look like


At 7 a.m. the British government published its plans for what to do if we leave the EU with no deal. They make no deal sound attractive to me. They should have been published two and a half years ago.

Britain would unilaterally waive checks on all goods crossing the Northern Ireland border and for up to a year remove all tariffs on 87 percent of imported goods, though not agricultural imports or cars. We would become a 'third party' if we left with no deal but if EU levies tariffs on the UK it would be held responsible for a hard border in Ireland. Britian would not put customs officers on the border as we would not levy tariffs.

I and others expected this and expect a barrage of propaganda aimed at painting this as a threat not an invitation.

I think the chances of leaving with no deal are tiny but I hope that discussions of the practicalities might lead to a surge in support among MPs for the idea. The public already favours it by a large margin according to a poll on Sunday, though polls speak with forked tongues.

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