Sunday 17 March 2019

John O'Sullivan ‏

If May's deal goes through, the Tories will own the catastrophe that follows--something called Brexit that isn't Brexit, that subjects Britain to EU rules indefinitely and leads to endless controversy. See today's Survation poll for the first fruits.

Removing no deal from the table gives Remainers what they want only if MPs adopt another Brexit deal. If not, no deal remains on the table--indeed, it IS the table. But if May's non-Brexit deal passes, she'll claim Brexit achieved. Blame for its failures then rests on "Brexit."

He may well be right that Theresa May's deal would be much worse for the Conservative Party than not leaving. I have enormously admired him (and his colleague the late, great Frank Johnson) since my schooldays and he is one of the few people whose wisdom I tend to trust.

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