Tuesday 19 March 2019

"Trump slammed for 'silence' on white supremacist threat"

As Douglas Murray said, the demand (by liberals and the left) for fascists far exceeds the supply.

However the man arrested for the Christchurch massacre does admit to being one and to admiring Sir Oswald Mosley who also admitted to being one, which helps the media. 

The alleged mass murderer is not a conservative, he said, because conservatives merely mean big corporations. Of course, that is not what conservatism should mean, but it does seem often to mean free market economics rather than Christianity, or the nation, or tradition, or freedom, or hierarchy, the things it should mean. 

However, I do not wish to pay a murderer the respect of discussing his opinions, though, on the other hand, I see absolutely no reason why his so-called 'Manifesto' should be removed from the internet.

What I prefer to discuss is why Mr Trump has been assailed by small l liberals in the press for saying white supremacists are a small group of people. They are clearly very few in number. 

When Muslims massacre innocent people, as they did much more often recently than did right-wing white men who worry about the great replacement, everyone always rushes to say that Islamist extremists are a very small minority of Muslims.  Of course they are, but certainly no smaller a minority than are white extremists. 

25 percent of British Muslims in a poll in 2015 said they had 'sympathy' for people who went abroad to fight for Isis. 25 percent of white British people did not express sympathy for the Norwegian mass murderer, whose name I try not to mention.

(By the way where does the expression white supremacist come from and what exactly did it originally mean? It sounds like something to do with the American South and doesn't make sense to me.) 

The most important lesson that we should draw from the massacre in Christchurch, and from all the massacres by Muslim terrorists, is not that we need more gun control laws, or less free speech on and off the internet, but that mass immigration is not making the Western countries safer, freer or more cohesive. 

The man in the street, who is a keen observer of life, drew this conclusion very long ago. I wonder whether he will be able to make his views known.

The very moderate neo-con Republican David Frum, who worked for George W. Bush and is a Never Trumper, has been fiercely attacked for saying in the latest number of The Atlantic that If Liberals Won’t Enforce Borders, Fascists Will, but he is obviously right.

I noticed Rod Liddle saying, in the video clip I recently posted and blogged about, that 80% of British people want an end to immigration. 

If this is so, what should follow from that?

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