Wednesday 27 March 2019

Theresa May says she will resign if her Brexit proposal is accepted by the House

It sounded by Saturday that Theresa May had no chance of remaining Prime Minister beyond Monday (11 Cabinet ministers told the Sunday Times that she had to go) but then she seemed to recover. 

I assume that the attempt to overthrow her was a Remainer plot to replace her with her 'de facto deputy' David Lidington, another Leaver, and that it shuddered to a halt when Remainers realised that there was no figure who could bind the Tory party together and that a Leaver was likely to take over. Now, a few minutes ago, Theresa May announced she will resign if her deal passes Parliament.

What do I want to happen? The status of Norway would suit me - leaving with no deal, which I should prefer, will not happen. Do I want Theresa May's deal? No, but I do want Great Britain to leave the EU very much.

Theresa May's Svengali Nick Timothy was a disastrous adviser in so many ways, was an old fashioned liberal Conservative of the mid 1970s, but he was at least a committed Leaver. After losing her party's majority in last year's election she lost him and lost her nerve. 

She was then an empty vessel tossed on very stormy seas. Olly Robbins was left to guide her frail craft, but he is a civil servant who has no understanding of high politics or, especially, Tory politics.

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