Tuesday 12 March 2019

Geoffrey Cox and the DUP are the heroes of Brexit

Geoffrey Cox, the British Attorney-general, is the hero of Brexit. 

He did his duty as a Law Officer of the Crown and did for Theresa May's  mendacious policy by testifying that the concessions made by Herr Juncker have no legal significance.

Surrounded by utterly useless women promoted because of their sex, like Theresa May or Karen Bradley, or utterly useless men promoted because of their social class like Gavin Williamson, or ministers who are simply utterly useless like Chris Grayling, he knows what he is doing, has integrity, made his career outside the House as MPs, are supposed to do, and looks the part. 

He looks like Tory MPs are supposed to look. The sort of man who goes to church and, were hunting not abolished, would ride to hounds. Perhaps be a master of fox hounds. A man who loves his country and does his duty. 

It annoys me that unlike all Attorneys-General until recently he has not been knighted. He looks like a knight of the shire.

It will, of course, make little difference but at least her dreadful deal was voted down by 149 votes. She, appalling woman, should have resigned this evening. 

There are other heroes. Jacob Rees-Mogg, of course, and even Boris Johnson, for all his faults. Certainly not David Davies, who made such an appalling  mess of the negotiations and voted with the government this evening. Not Michael Gove, in whom I had high hopes, who stayed in the cabinet when Mrs May unveiled her or Olly Robbins' plan.

The greatest heroes and patriots of all are the DUP who desperately do not want an election, because it would mean the end of their role as kingmakers in a hung parliament, but will force one rather than allowing the UK to be endangered.


  1. It is odd that a government which has constantly confirmed No deal is better than a bad deal, and asserted we will leave on 29 March 2019 is now not going to whip its party to support those two central policies that are very popular with many Conservative voters.

    John Redwood's Diary

    1. He does not find it odd and nor do I. We know she never meant that no deal was better than a bad deal and so did the EU. But it is unfair that Amber Rudd etc can vote against the government's principal policy whereas Boris, David Davis etc etc had to resign when they disagreed with it.