Saturday 18 June 2022

21% of Romanians think that Ukraine, the EU or the US are responsible for the Ukrainian war

21% of Romanians think that Ukraine, the European Union or the United States are responsible for the war and 24% of them think those countries are standing in the way of peace. 58% blame Russia. This makes Romania one of the countries in Europe with the largest percentages of people who think in this way. I know a few people who think something like this or evenly divide the blame, but I get the impression that among the people in Bucharest I meet the percentages of people who take the politically incorrect view are much lower. But then people who tell pollsters that the Americans are to blame don't always mention it at dinner parties. The taxi drivers who drove me recently thought Biden as much to blame as Putin. Romanian cynicism and scepticism about Ukraine and Covid is markedly different from British people's faith in what their rulers tell them. I think scepticism and cynicism about politicians and experts is by no means bad for democracy.

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