Wednesday 22 June 2022

David Goldman: 'The U.S. and NATO are losing catastrophically in Ukraine'

I listened to this interview with David Goldman last night when I couldn't sleep and am very glad I did. David Goldman has more insights into the Ukrainian war than anyone and has no respect for the echo chamber. 

Like many people, though unlike the mainstream media echo chamber, he thinks the U.S. is losing catastrophically in the Ukraine.

He, like me, blames Putin for this illegal and stupid war but knows that this war would never have happened had Donald Trump won in 2020. It was provoked by Biden and Blinken arming Ukraine to the teeth.

He blames Hillary Clinton and Victoria Nuland for helping engineer the 2014 coup and says they hoped regime change in Kiev would be followed by regime change in Moscow.

This is certainly true and was how most of us fools thought before Russia invaded the Crimea. Reader, I thought exactly the same as I read my newspaper, but I learnt wisdom from events. Many people didn't.

How many wars the US Democrats have caused, though George W Bush was worse still.

As Kissinger said, to be America's enemy is dangerous but to be her friend is fatal.

He, of course, knows.

David Goldman rightly considers Boris's egging on the Ukrainians for a long war 'despicable'.

He also says that sanctions have been a huge mistake which is thrusting the West into recession.

Agreed, but the Ukrainians' heroism made sanctions unavoidable. The media and public opinion required them.

I should add that Donald Trump originally opposed arming Ukraine, because of the corruption in the country, but then swung round to arming her in order to provide jobs for American workers.

Reader, you can decide if this is to his credit or discredit.


  1. I do not know how the war is going. For example, the de facto blockade of Kaliningrad (the city of the philosopher Kant - when it was German rather than Russian) has complicated the situation. As for 2014 - I think the Americans were more cheer leaders than organisers, but the cheering was certainly not welcomed in Moscow. President Trump might well have deterred Mr Putin - the confused ramblings of Mr Biden were certainly not a deterrent. The British government was more helpful to the Ukraine early on in the war - indeed without emergency British help, the capital of Ukraine might well have fallen.

  2. The Russians effected regime change in Ukraine before the Americans got involved. The Russians had even poisoned a presidential candidate (albeit, he survived, although badly disfigured). The Russians have no moral authority of accusing anyone of meddling in Ukraine, not that moral authority matters in these geopolitical games.