Sunday 26 June 2022

Boris, the magnificent blond beast avid for plunder, must go


'Would a change in leadership help? Has the country had enough of (to quote Nietzsche) “the magnificent blond beast, avid for plunder and victory”? It depends on what happens next.' Lord Hannon writing about Boris in the Sunday Telegraph deploys a wonderful quotation.

But my mind is made up. He wants millions of Hong Kong Chinese to settle in Europe, he is bankrupting the country because of climate change and the foolish lockdowns he implemented (admittedly the public insisted on them) and because he is spending like a sailor and he is hopelessly chaotic and unprincipled.  On top of those things he foolishly provoked Russia last year, does not want a peace soon in the Ukraine, has been ardent for sanctions that hurt the rest of the world more than Russia and finally he condemned the American Supreme Court's decision yesterday to let the states make laws about abortion. He is not remotely conservative. 

Cowley said of Milton that the language sunk under him. Toryism sunk without trace under Boris but mostly it had already sunk under Blair. 

I can't imagine how to recreate it and nor can Boris. 

Unlike me he doesn't even want to although he does want to win the next election.  I don't imagine he can do that or will be allowed to try. 

He is even more left liberal though not as incompetent as Mrs May.

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