Friday 17 June 2022

The Catholic Church's and the BBC's teaching on "transgender"

The Catholic Church's teaching on "transgender" was repeated in December 2012, during his Christmas address to the Roman Curia, by Pope Benedict XVI who described the view that one can choose ones "gender identity" as a "profound falsehood". Pope Francis ha repeated the Chirch's oppositon. He said in 2016 that teaching children that they have the ability to choose their gender, is a form of ideological "colonization". For him colonialism is a bad thing, just so you know. In June 2019 the Catholic Church published 'Male and Female He Created Them', which rejected the term transgender and said the idea that people could choose or change their gender was a "confused concept of freedom". The Protestant churches are divided on the matter but the BBC, it seems is not, according to a news report yesterday.
"BBC training instructed journalists to lobby politicians and protest for trans rights, raising questions about impartiality. "Trainee journalists were told to use their “magical ally powers” to “influence politicians” and change the minds of the media in favour of rights for people who wish to change gender. "One journalist who attended the training session, run by a trans group, said that it conflicted with the BBC’s code on impartiality and left him questioning whether he was being instructed to break those rules."

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