Monday 6 June 2022

Threats to the Disunited Kingdom

The chief threats to the United Kingdom are from illegal immigrants (much the most urgent and important), refugees, Islamists, the Irish and Scottish nationalists, the European Union, which necessarily has interests that conflict with the UK's and which wants to ensure that Brexit does not work, and the USA, which dominates us politically and culturally and which gave us their 1960s nervous breakdown, PC and Woke. 

Russia is not on the list, although she is a threat to the American empire, to Moldova and possibly to the Baltic States, including Finland. 

The Russian invasion of Ukraine, however, is very wicked and sets a precedent as dangerous for the world as the Iraqi invasion of Kuwait. The UK, like the EU, is right to support the Ukrainians, so long as the economic cost is reasonable. 

The biggest danger of all is liberalism, which has subsumed most of the Tories and all of the Labour Party to the right of Jeremy Corbyn.

It's embodied in the hierarchy of the Church of England and the BBC. Liberalism is what has produced so many disastrous changes in her kingdom in the seventy years Queen Elizabeth II has reigned over it.

Surprisingly, considering their successive leaders, many Tory MPs are sound. They opposed lockdowns and achieved Brexit. They care about the Union with Scotland and Northern Ireland. 

Most of those same Tories, remembering the Cold War, belong to the war party which wants a long proxy war with Russia. Enoch Powell would certainly not have done, but he is long dead and much reviled.

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