Wednesday 29 June 2022

How much harm is it in the UK's national interest to suffer to help Ukraine?


How much harm is it in the UK's or in European countries' national interests to suffer to help Ukraine? We must be approaching the upper limit and much much more harm is about to be visited on us. 

Unfortunately war aims change once wears start. Putin went to war to remove the threat of  Ukraine as an American satellite, armed with large numbers of American missiles, but now he talks about Peter the Great. 

People in the West, not just the appalling people like Anne Applebaum but normally sensible people, start to talk of regime change in Moscow and compare Putin to Hitler. 

When Khrushchev invaded Hungary and Brezhnev and Kosygin invaded Czechoslovakia the NATO countries did nothing at all.

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  1. I hear some answer to this from Edgar Rinkēvičs in Madrid, in his saying that 'there in Bucharest, they have a different language' [i.e., naming enemies, which NATO does not]. This is what I wanted to hear for myself, badly enough to listen in. I might have wondered if the notion of 'indivisibility of security' could be mentioned; I remain with the question. Too much to ask, even not in Bucharest [sic.]