Friday 3 June 2022

Turkey not Turkiye

News agency today:

Turkey’s government has sent a letter to the United Nations formally requesting that it be referred to as Türkiye, the state-run news agency has reported.
The move is seen as part of a push by Ankara to rebrand the country and dissociate it from the bird of the same name and negative connotations associated with it.

I hope this one, like the turkey, does not fly. I am very sorry the foreign powers agreed to the Shah's request in the 1930s, when Aryans were all the rage, to call Persia Iran.

We the English decide what to call foreign countries and places in our language, or should do. No more Mumbai or Yangon. 

We lost Constantinople.


  1. Heavy drinkers ‘healthier and happier in later years’

    Drinking heavily may be the key to staying happy and healthy in later life, a study has found.

    Researchers questioned hundreds of people aged over 60 attending hospital for routine surgery about their mood and quality of life, and compared this with the amount of alcohol they drank.

    One third of the participants were classified as drinking “potentially unhealthy” quantities. This included those who enjoyed a drink at least four nights a week or people who regularly had the equivalent of two bottles of wine in a single day.

    This group of heavy drinkers were slimmer, happier and more mobile than their teetotal and low-drinking counterparts, the researchers found.

    Eleanor Hayward, Health Correspondent

  2. The proper order of wines at dinner should be Chablis or Pouilly with oysters and fish; with the entree, Beaujolais, light Burgundy, or Bordeaux; with the roast, and above all with game, the grands crus, a chateau wine, a Vougeot or a Chambertin. With roast veal Beaune or Pommard should be drunk, or, perhaps, dry champagne. Champagne, sweet or demi-sec, should be taken with dessert, and before coffee a glass of port in the English fashion. Afterwards cognac or Armagnac. And, of course, you cannot appreciate the savours of these wines unless you are deliberate and elegant in your tasting. The room, the table, the company, the shape and quality of glasses, also make a difference.

    From The Times: March 18, 1922

  3. Iannis Carras: "I have no desire to comment on the rebranding of Turkey as 'Türkiye', except to note that the bird is named after the country. The Franks (aka Western Christians) thought of it as resembling what they imagined to be the elaborate attire of the Ottoman Turks, hence the 'Turkey bird' (or alternatively that it resembled guinea fowl then traded by Ottoman merchants). Down here in what were then Ottoman lands it is known as the 'French bird'. I have my doubts that rebranding will work as it has already been attempted (I believe by Turgut Ozal). I also hope and trust that our eastern neighbours will continue calling my country Yunanistan. Names are meeting points. They should be various."