Thursday 2 June 2022

Give peace a chance


Yesterday I happened on an article from the Washington Post from several years ago, about racism among Evangelical Christians as it happens, but it could have been about anything, and was astonished at the extraordinary bias, distortions and untruths it contained. 

The WP and New York Times back in the 1990s were serious papers, but not any more. 

The idea of believing what they and the rest of the American media say about Ukraine or anything else political (excepting to a limited extent the Murdoch press) is a bad idea. 

To be on the same side as Anne Applebaum, the FT and the Economist, which treated the government capture of East Aleppo from Al Qaeda as a dark day for civilisation is equally a mistake.

But, on the other hand, even though Anne Applebaum, the FT and the Economist represent big dangers to Western civilisation, Putin and Xi are even worse.

Many people whom I respect, like Charles Moore, say that if Russia half wins in Ukraine that will endanger the world. 

If America wins (because Nato is America's empire) that will endanger the world too. It will be a huge victory for globalism and the pseudo West.

Let's have a negotiated peace as soon as possible, but one is not possible yet. 

I fear America will give Ukraine the hope that complete victory is possible and the result will be the destruction of Ukraine. Already a country which thirty years ago had 50 million inhabitants now has half that number.

An interesting article about the war is here, headlined 

The War in Ukraine Can Be Over If the U.S. Wants It

and this one is by my favourite journalist, Christopher Caldwell, in (oddly enough) the NYT. 

The American establishment (or deep state) is not united on the war. Part of it wants a short war. Let's hope that part wins.


  1. 'Anne Applebaum, the FT and the Economist vs Putin and Xi'

    apples and oranges

  2. It is given some chance, e.g. -

    There are a few more in kind from the same source.