Wednesday 22 June 2022

The Whistleblowers: Inside The UN

There are some people who are not aware that the UN is an evil organisation, despite what we learnt about the WHO over the last two years. And about the UN bringing lethal disease to Haiti and about the rapes. 

My friend from Bucharest in 1999 John O'Brien is one of the people who still believes there is some good in the organisation, despite the wicked way he was treated for exposing corruption.

I think it is irremediable. It is not responsible to anyone. (A bit like the EU.)

A programme was broadcast last night on the BBC called 
The Whistleblowers: Inside The UN about the corruption and sexual offences and how whistle blowers are ruthlessly silenced. It includes an interview with John who was fired for speaking about the way aid money is embezzled. 

Reader, are you surprised?

A lot of people who create trouble for the powers in charge of our world get serious charges brought against them. I can thinks of a number offhand. 

Reilly, Wasserstrom and O’Brien all separately allege that once they spoke out, the UN went after them. O’Brien was suddenly accused of solicitation and viewing nude photographs on his phone at work (O’Brien sees the allegations as vexatious). Wasserstrom was promised whistleblower protection, then had his identity leaked to the very people he had accused. Reilly has footage of Swiss police entering her flat and refusing to leave: she says the UN had sent them, and had told them Reilly was a suicide risk. “Effectively,” she recalls, “the UN tried to have me sectioned.” By the time she’d convinced them it was a false alarm, she had missed an online meeting at which she had planned to raise the disclosure of activists’ identities – it so happened that the cops arrived just as the meeting was beginning.

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