Tuesday 7 June 2022

Dan Hodges says all that I need to say about the result of the British Conservative party's leadership election last night



(((Dan Hodges)))
Boris’s own campaign was openly briefing he had to do better than Theresa May. He did worse than Theresa May. What’s left to discuss.

For context, senior Boris campaign managers were briefing they thought they would keep the number of rebels below 100.

I am sure plenty of ministers voted no confidence in the PM in the secret ballot. If they did not that means only 44 backbenchers support their leader.
A week is a long time in politics (H. Wilson). The four days since Boris was booed by a crowd of people who had queued for many hours to see the royal family is a very long time and the five and a half weeks the issue of Private Eye came out with this cover is eternity.


  1. Charles Utley said:
    First reaction.
    I suspect the threat of Jeremy Hunt becoming Prime Minister was what saved Boris's bacon.
    Hunt, you may remember, wanted us to adopt the Chinese approach to Covid (concentration camps etc., though, to be generous to him, he may not have gone so far as favouring shooting infected people).
    Boris, in the absence of further foolishness on his part, is safe so long as the threat of Hunt remains.

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