Saturday 4 June 2022

Mr and Mrs Johnson were booed (and cheered too) when they walked up the steps of St Paul's Cathedral to the Jubilee service yesterday


Here is the clip. 

I heard boos and some cheers but listening to another clip the boos were very loud and persistent. 

It has been suggested that some clips have been edited to make the boos seem louder. I don't know.

'When Queen Victoria opened the People’s Palace in the East End in 1887, she heard, she told her prime minister, Lord Salisbury, “a horrid noise . . . (quite new to the Queen’s ears) ‘booing’ she believes it is called”. Salisbury was reassuring. He saw it as London’s failing. “All that is worthless, worn out, or penniless naturally drifts to London.' (Lord Finkelstein in the Times today).

If only we Prime Ministers still spoke like that and if only we had a Tory prime Minister like Salisbury today.

A TV presenter called Carol Vorderman said on Twitter in reply to the video: 
Bring Your Own Boos. The message could not be clearer Boris.’ 
A good pun.


  1. I was in the crowd, silent before you claim bias and the Nays definitely held it , on the way in and on his exit. If Boris can’t get the greater proportion of a pro royalist crowd on board , then he really is in trouble. Add this to the fact that Harry and Megan were roundly cheered , well, right wing pundits must be spontaneously combusting throughout christendom

  2. Thanks, anonymous. I believe you. Everyone always believes an anonymous source.

  3. And I agree with you. And he deserved the boos. I might have joined in myself even.