Thursday 23 June 2022

Bleeding Ukrainians dry

'With one voice, the hangers-on of the defense Establishment will egg on the Ukrainians till they're bled dry, and then with one voice, they will mourn the lost opportunity to make the world safe for democracy. There will be no consequences for the errors that cost so many lives.'

David Goldman last night.

The parallel is very inexact, because Russia has every right to be in Syria and none to be in the Ukraine, and unlike the Islamists in Syria the Ukrainian government's cause is just, but this reminds me of the media supporting the 'moderate rebels' in Syria because the State Department did. 

The Economist and David Miliband talked about the fall of Al Qaeda held East Aleppo as a very black day for Western civilisation. Lots of stories from the rebel side about atrocities with no evidence except the bare world of journalists who were really rebel activists. This is what the quality papers publish in our days.

To quote Dr Kissinger again, 

'To be America's enemy is dangerous. To be her friend is fatal.'

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  1. Kissinger? This is like Mrs. O'Leary's cow giving a lecture on fire safety.