Tuesday 14 June 2022



I had breakfast with a Cambridge and Harvard educated friend who has been an academic researcher, across several disciplines including economics and the hard sciences, for two decades. She told me she gave up the media years ago because they are inaccurate. She gets all her information about Ukraine from primary sources including State Department and Russian Ministry of Defence press releases and seems much better informed than I.

I really am foolish to soldier on reading the newspapers.

I asked her opinion about climate change. She said it's all baloney. Pleased to hear that. I assumed that but without a scientific background or doing research.

I started watching TV this year after 18 years without it but might strop. The BBC World Service is propaganda about abortion, refugees, climate change and Donald Trump and the Washington 'insurrection'.

I cannot take anything the BBC says very seriously. Countries that ban the Disney film because of a homosexual kiss are homophobic rather than being devoutly Muslim.

They do get basic facts right, unless liberal hobby horses are involved, but there are herds of liberal hobby horses, nowadays, and sacred cows.

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